Colours of the desert – Broken Hill to Mount Gambier

Pro Hart is a favourite painter of ours and we never knew until arriving in Broken Hill that this is where he had lived and worked. The colours he used in his paintings are vibrant blues and reds, which I had always thought were a bit too unreal, but when you see the desert inContinue reading “Colours of the desert – Broken Hill to Mount Gambier”

Westward bound – Windellama to Cobar

I sometimes marvel at how things turn out for us. We completed our tour of Victoria, having managed to see the East Gippsland and Victorian mountain areas before they were devastated by the recent fires, and we now have memories of those beautiful areas that we will treasure even more knowing that it will beContinue reading “Westward bound – Windellama to Cobar”

Christmas and New Year in Central and Southern Victoria

The fires near Windellama have stopped 5 km away from our property. There isn’t any bushland left to the north, south and east of it, but it is safe. Knowing the tragedy that some people have lost their homes, their only homes, we feel very grateful. Our Windellama holiday home is quite remote and surroundedContinue reading “Christmas and New Year in Central and Southern Victoria”

Leaving Windellama, family and friends again- heading south

We’re finally on the road again and heading south. Before we left, we went to Mark’s cousin David’s wedding and so glad we did. It was one of the most beautiful events we’ve ever been to. We also got to see our kids and their partners at Windellama on the last weekend before we left,Continue reading “Leaving Windellama, family and friends again- heading south”

Stealth camping and being back home for a bit.

It’s been over a month since my last post. Coming back to Sydney and our property at Windellama in the Southern Tablelands, keeps us busier than when we’re on the road, with family get togethers, friends coming over, water tanks being installed and site preparation for a future shed, just some of the activities we’veContinue reading “Stealth camping and being back home for a bit.”

Down Thunderbolts Way – Moree to Gloucester

Is there a purpose to travelling? I’ve been wondering about this as the unaccustomed, luxurious feeling of going where we want, for as long as we want, slowly filters into my normally highly strung and minutely planned way of being. It felt too haphazard, too selfish, and too lacking in purpose. But it is becomingContinue reading “Down Thunderbolts Way – Moree to Gloucester”

An opal-hearted country – St. George to Lightning Ridge

In St. George, Queensland, there is a shop and museum which houses the collection of Steve Margaritis, who carved emu eggs for 60 years. The first egg I came across in the museum was the one he carved to commemorate the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, and I was surprised and proud to see the nameContinue reading “An opal-hearted country – St. George to Lightning Ridge”

2 more stops before we pick up the motorhome – Coffs & Byron

It’s been windy all the way up the coast so far, although can’t complain about the sunshine! Coffs Harbour for lunch and… Byron Bay for dinner, and a day to do the pilgrimage to the lighthouse and the eastern most point of Australia.If anyone can tell me how to make the photos go into aContinue reading “2 more stops before we pick up the motorhome – Coffs & Byron”

On our way…first stop – Port Macquarie

9th August. Finally we are on our way, after 5 weeks of prepping, including moving out of our apartment and gathering up all the gear on our packing list (see Our Lists). Not sure how we managed to get it all into the car, but now that its in there, we don’t want to unpackContinue reading “On our way…first stop – Port Macquarie”