An opal-hearted country – St. George to Lightning Ridge

In St. George, Queensland, there is a shop and museum which houses the collection of Steve Margaritis, who carved emu eggs for 60 years. The first egg I came across in the museum was the one he carved to commemorate the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, and I was surprised and proud to see the nameContinue reading “An opal-hearted country – St. George to Lightning Ridge”

George in the Gorge – Emerald to Roma

There isn’t much between Townsville and Emerald, so I’m skipping that bit. Although we did meet an interesting character when we stopped for the night by the road halfway. We started setting up a fire, and Doug pulls up asking if he can join us – safety in numbers he said. We shared cheese, saladContinue reading “George in the Gorge – Emerald to Roma”

To exercise or not to exercise – Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island and Townsville

Travelling brings up a few challenges, one of them being to get enough good, all round, exercise. We walk more than usual, swim and get on the bikes occasionally, but I’m not doing the strenuous, sweaty, masochistic gym workout I’m used to do in Sydney 4 or 5 times a week. We’ve been away onContinue reading “To exercise or not to exercise – Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island and Townsville”

Central Coast QLD – A beach per person

We love and appreciate our beaches in Sydney, and the limited time we can spend on them. Even if it’s with hundreds of other people all crammed onto the same small area where the flags are. Around Central QLD, they have so many beaches and they are so long, that you pretty much have theContinue reading “Central Coast QLD – A beach per person”

Day trip to Fraser (K’Gari) Island

Fraser Island, is quite amazing. It’s just that we didn’t pick the best day to go. For starters, for the first time on our trip in QLD so far, it was overcast and windy. Not good for photos as you really want the blue sky reflected in the water, not grey. It hadn’t rained forContinue reading “Day trip to Fraser (K’Gari) Island”

Queensland Time, and Maroochydore

Things take on a bit more of a leisurely pace in Queensland. WiFi speeds in caravan parks ensure you only download what you really need for example. Getting a snorkel fitted to your car takes 2 days, instead of 2 hours. And an advertised 7pm start to a dance night at a tavern, doesn’t actuallyContinue reading “Queensland Time, and Maroochydore”