Christmas and New Year in Central and Southern Victoria

The fires near Windellama have stopped 5 km away from our property. There isn’t any bushland left to the north, south and east of it, but it is safe. Knowing the tragedy that some people have lost their homes, their only homes, we feel very grateful. Our Windellama holiday home is quite remote and surroundedContinue reading “Christmas and New Year in Central and Southern Victoria”

Victoria – Gippsland and the Great Alpine Road

When you’ve been away for a while, the days start to run together and become confused in your memory. We’ve been in Victoria now for a few weeks, in East Gippsland, on the eastern coast, in the Snowy River National Park, all the way down to Wilsons Promontory, and back up into the Yarra RangesContinue reading “Victoria – Gippsland and the Great Alpine Road”