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These lists will help to start your thinking of your own specific travel necessities. What we think is essential may not be the same for everyone. But we hope its a good starting point for you.

Preparation List

Packing List

Clothing and Apparel List


  • Put in your notice at work!
    Believe me you will need the time to get organised for a long trip. If you can’t afford to do this early in your preparation, you possibly can’t afford to take a long trip.
  • Organise to rent your place.
    The property manager will need at least 2-3 weeks to get this started, and then it could take a few weeks to find the perfect tenant. In our case we got 3 applications on the first inspection!
  • Put any items you don’t want, on online selling sites.
    We found Facebook Marketplace to be quick, but ensure you price the items so that you’re happy, but cheap enough that will entice plenty of buyers.
  • Put any items you want to store away, in storage.
    You will end up putting a lot more away than you initially think, and ensure you label the boxes. After we had put away the photo albums, I needed our marriage certificate for proof of name change, and had to open 20 boxes to find it.
  • Do any major To-Dos
    that you need to do before you go.
    Painful as it may be, you don’t want to have to worry about your Tax Returns after you’ve left. And ensure your Passport is up-to-date in case you need extra identification, or want to take a break from your Aussie break!
  • Sell the second car,
    if you don’t intend to come back any time soon.
    It helps to have some extra cash, and why have 2 cars sitting around for a while. Remember to take out your tollway tag. Find somewhere to leave your other car, or sell it too.
  • Clean the house,
    or get someone in to do an end-of-lease type clean for you.
  • Cancel your services at home,
    including the landline (if you still have one), home internet service, electricity, gas, Netflix, Foxtel and whatever other subscriptions are at your place. Make sure that your email address is kept though. Despite my specifying to keep it, of course it was disabled, anyway. Telstra’s online Chat service is pretty good to get things fixed up quickly though. Don’t waste your time with the call centre.
  • Increase your mobile phone data,
    since you’ll be more dependent on using it as a mobile hotspot, where you don’t have access to wifi, and you’ll be doing more googling and following maps.
  • Do a First Aid course.
    You, or someone around you, is bound to get into trouble when you are in unknown areas and situations. The St. Johns First Aid course, takes a day (with a few hours of pre-work) and is very comprehensive.
  • Review your Insurances
    It took me 6 months to do this, and then I realised I was still paying income protection insurance when I hadn’t been earning an income! Your house and contents insurance may need to be changed to landlord insurance if you’ve rented your house. And if you’re not using your car and its stored securely, why would you pay car insurance while you’re away?


On our 3rd trip out, we were able to repack the motorhome with some experience behind us, knowing what would and wouldn’t fit, and what we would and wouldn’t use. There are always improvements to be made, and we are still looking for ways to pack and store things so they are easily accessible when they are needed. The items in red are things that we’ve added, with other things being left behind to make room for them.

Packing List v3

Clothing and Apparel List

After spending the best part of a year travelling, in hot, warm and cold weather, in deserts, national parks, beaches cities and towns, I have sorted out my clothing gear down to what is really needed, and nothing more. Less is more when you are travelling and don’t have the patience or need to decide between different outfits. Comfort and space saving are the priorities.

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