On our way…first stop – Port Macquarie

9th August. Finally we are on our way, after 5 weeks of prepping, including moving out of our apartment and gathering up all the gear on our packing list (see Our Lists). Not sure how we managed to get it all into the car, but now that its in there, we don’t want to unpack it until we get it into the motorhome on Tuesday. So of course, I forgot to pack a separate bag with the stuff I need for the first few days!

First stop, once we left the Sydney traffic behind us, is Port Macquarie. We’ve been here before, and so it is meant to be just a convenient stopover on the way to Brisbane. Booked into the El Paso motor inn which is very conveniently located in town, and had a great dinner at Zahara Turkish restaurant.

10th August. Visited the Foreshore markets on Park St, and despite knowing the car is packed to the roof already, we couldn’t help but buy some local Applebox honey from The Bee Keeper, some butterfly pea flower blue tea from the mybluetea company and some blueberry jam from Blueberry Greens. But we had to draw the line, and couldn’t buy the amazing wood sculpture of a wombat from the Ripper wood carver.

Walked part of the Coastal walk this afternoon, making it to Shelly Beach.

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