2 more stops before we pick up the motorhome – Coffs & Byron

It’s been windy all the way up the coast so far, although can’t complain about the sunshine!
Coffs Harbour for lunch and…

Byron Bay for dinner, and a day to do the pilgrimage to the lighthouse and the eastern most point of Australia.
If anyone can tell me how to make the photos go into a mosaic tile format, that would be great!

Tomorrow we arrive in Brisbane, or more specifically Redcliffe, to pick up the motorhome. Can’t wait to be able to unpack the car into it, and get access to a few more things, like my cossies and suntan lotion!

2 thoughts on “2 more stops before we pick up the motorhome – Coffs & Byron

  1. Hi Michele, to make a tiled mosaic on a post:
    1. New Post – you can add in the title & content
    2. For images click on … + ADD … then click on MEDIA in the drop down menu … takes you to the media page
    3. To add new media click on top left + ADD NEW then load the images from your desktop then hit CONTINUE
    4. Takes you to a new menu with a number options in a drop down menu on the right – choose ‘TILED MOSAIC’
    5. TAA DAA
    Been doing wordpress for a long time for all my websites 🙂


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