Isn’t she purrty!

We picked up our new motorhome on Tuesday, and after 3 hours of walking through her from top to bottom and side to side, with the amazing Luke from Explorer Motorhomes, we were completely overwhelmed with information, 90% of which just did not compute!
We spent 3 days at my Dad’s place near Maleny to get all our stuff sorted and packed, eliminating about 20% of what we had brought and could not fit in, as well as testing some of the bells and whistles.
During the unpacking, I was devastated when the lid of the dutch oven we had brought, slid off and smashed against the floor-to-ceiling mirror… aaaaarghh! I cried. I refuse to believe that this is bad luck. Just that the dutch oven was keen to go back to Sydney, and that was its way of telling us.

We met Felix, Marks brother, at the airport today, and did some shopping for further essentials like toilet chemicals and brush, 3M hooks, recovery tracks, and a more compact ground sheet than the large foam jigsaw pieces that I stupidly brought and we couldn’t fit anywhere.
Felix is now driving our car back to Sydney with the rejected stuff including the now despised dutch oven. However, the mirror has already been fixed by the great team at Explorer, and I will consider forgiving the dutch oven sometime in future, although it has been replaced by a much more compact version.
Now we are parked for the evening at the camping area at Beerwah Sportground watching the local teams of Gympie and Beerwah play rugby league while sipping the free bottle of Veuve Cliquot that we got from Explorer, and some cheese and crackers.
For $20 bucks, we get showers, toilets, electricity, water and entertainment for the night. Beats watching the news and falling asleep on the couch at home!

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