To exercise or not to exercise – Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island and Townsville

Travelling brings up a few challenges, one of them being to get enough good, all round, exercise. We walk more than usual, swim and get on the bikes occasionally, but I’m not doing the strenuous, sweaty, masochistic gym workout I’m used to do in Sydney 4 or 5 times a week. We’ve been away on holidays for 4 weeks now and I have done some push-ups, squats and sit-ups, a total of two times.

It’s partly because of there not being comfortable space. We are often parked in areas with closely packed vehicles and/or on dirt, stones or sand. The ground sheet we use is often damp, or dusty. It’s also because exercising requires dirtying more clothes and washing while travelling is not as convenient as it is at home. Excuses, excuses…

On Hamilton Island, there are certainly very few people worrying about this. I surprised Mark with a day and night on Hamilton at the Reef View Hotel for Fathers Day. Most people, locals, staff and tourists, use buggys to get around the island. It is a bit hilly, and the resorts and marina are split by a small hill which takes at least 5 minutes to walk over. So, when in Rome as they say, do what the Romans do…

Before Hamilton Island we stayed a couple of days at Airlie Beach. Very popular touristy town, with plenty of restaurant and accommodation options, although the better caravan parks are outside the main precinct. We stayed one night 3km away, and then moved and gave the Nomads camping site a go, where a lot of backpackers stay. At least it was in town, so we didn’t mind putting up with some Saturday night noise. There are 2 beaches, one of which is deserted although it’s the one closer to the shops, and the other is closer to the marina.

But I have been impressed by the energy of the people of Townsville. There is a hill called Castle Hill which overlooks Townsville and is about 3km of steep climb. While driving up it this afternoon, there were hundreds of locals walking it. It’s obviously a common activity here for keeping fit. Good on you Townsvillians! The magnificent view from the top, will give you an idea of the climb.

We visited Billabong Sanctuary in Townsville, where they look after rescued Australian animals. You can get up close to lots of different furry, feathered and leathery friends. Mark was hoping to eat some crocodile steak, but that will have to wait until we get to a croc farm, rather than a sanctuary!

Now starting to head back down south via inland routes, so we can get back to Sydney in time for a few family events in October. Bye bye beaches and hello farmlands and country towns. Hopefully I will take some inspiration from the Townsville people and get back into some strenuous exercise before returning to Sydney, and, maybe not…

7 thoughts on “To exercise or not to exercise – Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island and Townsville

  1. The boys and I did the walk up the bush track in Townsville. Little Alexs legs only just big enough to make the steep stairs! The boys got lots of positive and encouraging comments by other walkers and runners on the track. We love looking at the hill remembering the climb.


  2. Hi Michele, great pics. It must be tough doing it so hard. Not sure of your next moves other than the start going south again, but check out the caves and Mt Morgan mines if possible. Look forward to more action. Dad


  3. Hi Michele, I’m Sharon a fellow explorer owner, but I wasn’t at the rally. I saw your website on one of the pics. We are planning to travel for 5 months soon and I’ve been thinking about exercise. I know there will be walking and as much swimming as possible but I also want to keep up some pilates. So I’m investigating as much standing exercises as possible but I bought a short self inflating camp mat that I intend to use …I hope to be very determined but I know holidays have a way of changing things.
    Ps on top of that Townsville hill we found a snake wrapped around a handrail. Caused quite a ruckus!


  4. Hi Sharon. Great to hear from you and thanks for subscribing. The Explorer rally was fantastic. Met lots of great people and lots of great information, advice and ideas.
    The regular exercise has completely stopped but I find myself losing a bit of weight anyway just be being more active generally.
    Good luck with your holiday exercise plans!


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