Central Coast QLD – A beach per person

Workman’s Beach panorama, near Agnes Water QLD

We love and appreciate our beaches in Sydney, and the limited time we can spend on them. Even if it’s with hundreds of other people all crammed onto the same small area where the flags are.

Around Central QLD, they have so many beaches and they are so long, that you pretty much have the whole beach to yourself.

But I don’t get it. People come up here on holidays and spend their time in their caravans or in town. Sure, you have to walk 100m or so to get to the water, because the tides are so big, the sand goes on for a long way. Going for a dip ends up being really good exercise!

Seventeen Seventy beach panorama

We’ve been to Workman’s Beach near Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy, then Emu Park on the coast east of Rockhampton. Pretty little town with an impressive WW1 memorial and the Singing Ship sculpture.

We stopped in Marlborough for lunch on the way to Cape Palmerston. Not much in Marlborough, but Grandma’s Groceries and Café has the biggest works burgers I have ever seen.

We had booked with QLD Parks to stay in the Cape Palmerston national park in the Cape Creek camping area, but we got warned by a few people that the beach access may be tricky for our motorhome. Luckily Matt, a local, turned up just before we were going to attempt it, and suggested he drives us out first onto the sand so we can see what its like. Sure enough, there were some soft spots that we likely would have got bogged in with our heavy vehicle, but the drive with Matt along the beach was fun!

So we’ve ended up staying at the Cape Palmerston caravan park, which has access to the beach, friendly neighbours, fantastic amenities and plenty of space between each site. Better safe than sorry!

By the time we’ve reached Airlie Beach, we have passed so many cane fields now that I’m sure Queensland must be supplying the whole world with sugar.

Sugar cane fields go on forever

Forgot to mention the pitstop we made in Bundaberg to check out the Rum Distillery, which uses the by-product of the sugar refining process – molasses. This is a must see for understanding the distilling process and the amazing history of the place, not to mention the free tastings at the end of the tour!

Tonight we’re in Airlie Beach, or more precisely Jubilee Pocket outside of Airlie Beach, because there are no caravan parks or camping areas in Airlie. It’s a 3km walk to Airlie Beach, which we did one way this afternoon, and took a taxi back. But more on this place next time.

2 thoughts on “Central Coast QLD – A beach per person

  1. What a great story ……. Looks like today the people who looked at the house a week ago are going to sign documents but they do not want to move in until December which is great as it gives us lots of time to pack and get rid of things as well as relooking at a property in North Maleny. Will keep you posted. Keep on enjoying your trip.



  2. I was amazed at how many yummy flavoured ginger beers they had at the Bunderberg Rum Factory. Funny story – when we were staying on Magnetic Island, I went into the island dress shop and made a comment to the shop keeper about how awesome it must be living opposite one of the best beaches in the works. She told me she hated living on the island so had moved to the mainland (Townsville) and commuted each day plus only swam in her pool never In the ocean! Another one – yesterday walking down to the beach and 3 Aussie backpackers having a shower in their jocks using soap and shampoo. I suggested going for a swim instead and one boy replied, “oh no then we’d get sand on our feet and would have to have a shower anyway”! Too funny. We have many overseas backpackers come and camp at the same beach car park overnight who are seen spending the day on the beach and swimming.


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