7 weeks in iso and counting – “May the Lord open”!

7th May 2020

South Australia had recorded 14 straight days with no new COVID-19 cases (although apparently a new UK immigrant has added 1 today). We hope to get the ‘blessed’ news in the morning that the SA Premier will allow travel around regional areas starting next week.

Despite my earlier predictions, Mark and I have not killed each other while in isolation for 7 weeks together. Rather, we’ve become too comfortable, and as the weather gets colder, we’ve done far too much sitting around. Apart from enjoying walking around the beautiful surrounds of Coffin Bay, we’ve been binging on The Handmaid’s Tale, Designated Survivor, Unorthodox, After Life and a few other great series.

Last night we completed the 10 part Expedition Australia series “The Big Lappers” to motivate us off the couch and back on the road again. There’s a great article on the same website that might inspire you to follow us into the great unknown, and is applicable to everyone, called “Every family should do the Big Lap – 5 reasons why”. You can find it here (you’ll have to copy/paste into your browser):


Mark completed the goal of bike riding the 36 hilly kilometres to Yangie Bay campground. At least one of us made it! He’s also been getting his drone up to take some great photos of the bay. There’s one a bit later in this post.

I spent more time reading the last couple of weeks. A book I can recommend for those interested in the topic, is ‘My Promised Land’ by Ari Shavit. It’s a detailed collection of unbiased accounts from Israelis and Palestinians describing how the situation there came to be. It gave me a better understanding of the complexity of the problems and an even greater respect for the Jewish people’s tenacity.

We’ve had a lovely stay in Coffin Bay and I thought I’d compile a few final photos before we leave. Here are some of the flora and fauna we’ve seen around. The place is literally teeming with wildlife.

Also, here are some final photos of the beautiful Coffin Bay area. If you ever get a chance, please come here. We highly recommend it!

Losing 7 weeks means we might have to do Western Australia another time 😦 but we’ll get there some day. We’ll hopefully be heading north next week along the western Eyre Peninsula coast, then towards Coober Pedy and, once the border opens, into the Northern Territory so that we can do the Top End during the cooler months.

Hope everyone can get out and about soon too. In the meantime, stay safe.

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