Where in the world are we now? Going home again.

21/02/2021 For those of you that have subscribed and have been following us on our adventures, you may be wondering what happened and where in the world are we, as its been nearly 4 months since our last post. Apologies for being slack but I will explain. We spent a couple of months making ourContinue reading “Where in the world are we now? Going home again.”

Filling time in The Riverlands and Adelaide Hills

02/07/2020 After all the rough driving we had been doing up in northern SA, we had to replace two tyres, but they had to order the specific truck tyres we needed from Melbourne which was going to take a week. So while we waited, we thought we’d explore the areas east of Adelaide that weContinue reading “Filling time in The Riverlands and Adelaide Hills”

Arkaroola, Dalhousie Springs and the SA Outback

15/06/2020 I am now officially unemployed, after sending in my resignation letter to my old manager at Westpac. Being a project manager, who has made a career of mitigating risks, this was not as easy decision, considering the possible financial precipice the world is heading towards. But after almost a year away I feel likeContinue reading “Arkaroola, Dalhousie Springs and the SA Outback”