George in the Gorge – Emerald to Roma

There isn’t much between Townsville and Emerald, so I’m skipping that bit. Although we did meet an interesting character when we stopped for the night by the road halfway. We started setting up a fire, and Doug pulls up asking if he can join us – safety in numbers he said. We shared cheese, saladContinue reading “George in the Gorge – Emerald to Roma”

Day trip to Fraser (K’Gari) Island

Fraser Island, is quite amazing. It’s just that we didn’t pick the best day to go. For starters, for the first time on our trip in QLD so far, it was overcast and windy. Not good for photos as you really want the blue sky reflected in the water, not grey. It hadn’t rained forContinue reading “Day trip to Fraser (K’Gari) Island”

2 more stops before we pick up the motorhome – Coffs & Byron

It’s been windy all the way up the coast so far, although can’t complain about the sunshine! Coffs Harbour for lunch and… Byron Bay for dinner, and a day to do the pilgrimage to the lighthouse and the eastern most point of Australia.If anyone can tell me how to make the photos go into aContinue reading “2 more stops before we pick up the motorhome – Coffs & Byron”