Day trip to Fraser (K’Gari) Island

Fraser Island, is quite amazing. It’s just that we didn’t pick the best day to go. For starters, for the first time on our trip in QLD so far, it was overcast and windy. Not good for photos as you really want the blue sky reflected in the water, not grey.

It hadn’t rained for over 3 weeks, so the sand road tracks were more like long ditches and obstacle courses that had been churned up with no compaction that usually helps to make them more navigable. Butch, our tour bus driver, managed the tracks fairly easily due to the large tyres and a beast of an engine, but thank goodness we left the motorhome on the mainland.

Also, (sorry to the men-folk) it was the wrong time of the month for me. Being perimenopausal, I couldn’t predict that my period would start the day before I booked us to do the tour. Being bounced around in the tour bus like a kid on a trampoline, is not the best feeling to add when you’re already headachy, bloated and your stomach is churning. And I was in no mood to get into a cossie, so a swim in Lake Mckenzie was out of the question.

Despite all that, as I said, Fraser Island is amazing. You wouldn’t expect the trees to grow so tall and straight in sand, but they do because the island is sitting on a basin of fresh water underground, which is seeping out of the island in crystal clear, sand bottomed creeks everywhere. The sands are different colours, ranging from white in the lakes and creeks, to yellow, orange and red in the ancient sandhills. The wreck of the Maheno has actually 5 stories of the ship under the sand!

We will be back, once we’ve got more experience with the motorhome and it’s not so new, the weather report gives us clear skies, and when I’m finally through menopause…

3 thoughts on “Day trip to Fraser (K’Gari) Island

  1. Wow, makes me wonder why I haven’t made the trip so far! Only lived in Qld since 1997! Smart move not taking the Motor Home onto sand early in its career. Catch up with you soon. Love Dad


  2. Hi Michele & Mark, sounds like your off to a great start on your adventure. Just curious as to why you purchased the van in Brisbane? Did you know what you wanted & they had the best deal? I had racing in Maryborough early last year and we went to Fraser Island also. Stayed for 3 nights at Kingfisher. The bus was great. Certainly interesting as a 4 wheel drive place. Will keep following the blog. Well done. Cheers Brad.


    1. Hi Brad. We wanted a 4WD compact motorhome. There is a company in Sydney that builds them but the quality of the Brisbane company was better. We got the first of the new Pathfinder model and so far its great. We can drive and park it everywhere.


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