The Barossa Valley to Coffin Bay SA

Mark at Chateau Tanunda cellar door in Barossa Valley

We spent a couple of days in the Barossa Valley, but as we had no room for too much wine in Katya, our motorhome, we had to resist temptation.

Rather than ramble on as I usually do, I thought I’d post a few photos from the last couple of weeks that we’ve spent in South Australia for our record and your enjoyment.

  1. Mark with our Quandong cake and quandong icecream at Port Augusta Arid Lands Botanic Gardens
  2. The best fish and chips ever at The Fish Box Kiosk in Cowell
  3. Me eating an orange. I think it was sour but Mark didn’t. Mark’s tastebuds are shot!
  1. Mark catching his first fish
  2. Mark in shock that he actually caught a fish
  3. One of the 8 1/2 fish that he caught and threw back. We think it’s whiting but happy for anyone to correct us. And the 1/2 fish? – something bigger ate it before he could reel it in!
  1. Emus are everywhere on the Eyre Peninsula. These were on the way to the Lincoln National Park
  2. A road train of caterpillars
  3. More emus, this time near our caravan park at Coffin Bay
  4. A visitor to our campsite at Black Springs in the Coffin Bay National Park
  5. Native bees will leave you alone if you leave some water for them to drink
  6. It’s not only people who like toilet paper. We actually witnessed a kangaroo eating a paper towel roll, but didn’t have the camera handy. It was defiant and wouldn’t give it back either! I think paper is like processed fast food, or McDonalds for kangaroos
  1. The view from our campsite at the beautiful Memory Cove in Lincoln National Park
  2. Memory Cove beach
  1. 17. 18. We moved around the Black Springs campground at Coffin Bay National Park a couple of times, but it was always beautiful, and worth the rough drive in. We managed to get Katya through a stretch of soft sand and very rocky track, after lowering the tyre pressure
  2. The couple we met at Black Springs, Di and Andrew, and their inflatable boat that matches the name of our motorhome brand – we want one too!
  1. 20. Mark is practising knots to tie hooks onto the fishing lines. I’ve saved the rope he practised with in case I need to strangle him with it later.

Mark and I get bored easily and are always looking for ways to challenge ourselves and change things up. This is what drove our desire to leave work, rent out our properties and travel around Australia. COVID-19 has changed things more than anyone could have imagined, leaving everyone stuck at home trying to ensure the virus doesn’t spread. That includes us, although we are a long way from home.

So Coffin Bay caravan park South Australia, has become home for the foreseeable future. It seems many of the other park inhabitants are in a similar situation to us, as we talk and wave at each other from a distance.

The oyster farms at Coffin Bay

There are pros and cons about being here. This is a small town, pretty isolated from the rest of Australia, at the tip of the Eyre Peninsula. There is a national park on one side, and a conservation park on the other, with beautiful walks and great swimming and fishing spots everywhere. There is plenty of seafood available, including the famous Pacific oysters which are fresh out of the bay and plentiful at $10 a dozen from the oyster sheds if you’re prepared to shuck them yourself.

The downside might be that, not being able to travel further, we’ll get serious cabin fever and kill each other, even if the virus doesn’t make it down here. Also, being away from family and friends, knowing you are possibly in worse situations in the big cities, and we aren’t there with you, is worrying.

Hoping that if we all work together and do the right thing, that this will be over as quickly as possible. Stay healthy and stay home!

5 thoughts on “The Barossa Valley to Coffin Bay SA

  1. Love reading your emails and the photo’s both of you keep well I presume that you cannot move out of SA I would go back to the wine cellar……..



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